In partnership with Square Mile

We are delighted to be partnering with Square Mile Investment Services who we have selected to build and manage our portfolios.

Based in London, they provide Sustainable Wealth and our clients with investment knowledge and expertise. They spend much of their time with fund managers, asking questions and figuring out how they will perform in the future.

We like their selective style.

There are almost 3,000 funds available in the UK, only 10% of these pass Square Mile’s rigorous research and selection process. The successful funds are then used to build portfolios for our clients.

We’ve chosen to work with Square Mile for several key reasons:


Square Mile is not paid by fund managers to select or research their funds. That avoids potential conflicts of interest; aligning their objectives with those of our clients.


Their senior staff have over 200 years of financial services experience. They’ve seen stock market ups and downs, giving a vital long-term perspective.


The services offered by Square Mile are only available through certain, hand-picked, financial advisers, who work to identify the right outcomes to meet your needs.

Building portfolios

A clear financial plan is crucial to your long-term financial security. Every plan is based on your requirements and personal objectives.

Therefore, carefully building investment portfolios, designed to match your required outcomes and ability to withstand risk, is a key part of their process. Here’s how their investment team approach that task:

Decide on the right mix: Get the right ingredients: Blend it together: Continually check:
Firstly, they analyse the overall ratio of shares, bonds, property, cash and other investments that is right to help you meet your chosen outcome. They then research which funds should be used to fill in the share, bond, property and other sections of your portfolio. They then work out exactly how much should be invested in each individual fund and how to combine them to get the right outcome. Their job is never finished. They keep checking everything is just as it should be and recommend changes to the portfolio as and when they are needed.

Strong team

Square Mile has invested in its people to create one of the largest and most respected investment fund research teams in the UK. It’s a powerful resource we put to work for you.

Richard is responsible for determining the strategy and focus for the business in conjunction with the Board and the Executive Management Team. Richard works closely with our clients and all members of the team as well as forging strong business relationships within the wider industry. Prior to founding Square Mile he was Research Director and co-founder of Old Broad Street Research Limited (OBSR). Following the acquisition of OBSR by Morningstar he became joint Managing Director of Morningstar OBSR, then MD of European Investment Consulting at Morningstar Inc. He has more than 25 years industry experience, starting at BMA Services in 1986 before becoming an analyst at Buck Consultants.
Mark is responsible for further developing Square Mile’s investment management services, its principles, process and procedures as well as overseeing the portfolio management team. With over 30 years of experience, he has extensive knowledge and expertise of the wealth management industry. Mark is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (FSCI) and a Member of the Institute of Financial Services (ACIB) and has passed the Securities Industry Diploma and the Institute of Bankers exams.
John is responsible for ensuring the consistent delivery of Square Mile’s research output across client channels, the development of the research team, as well as working with some of Square Mile’s consulting clients. He is also a member of the Research and Consultancy Management Team. John is the lead analyst for UK equity funds.
Lisa is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Operations Team and works closely on the operational aspects of Square Mile’s Managed Portfolio Service, client take-on, finance, compliance and general office management. She is also a member of the Executive Management Team.